Teco Digital show in Guangzhou D·PES Sign & LED Expo

2022-07-21 14:01:01 admin 406



The three-day exhibition has a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 400 industry-leading brands to participate in the exhibition, fully demonstrating the production technology and application of the advertising industry chain. The exhibition attracted nearly 20,000 professional buyers, and was an important platform for communication between exhibitors and professional buyers.

     The outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of the year has had a significant impact on the exhibition industry and advertising-related industries. However, the grand holding of the DPES Advertising Exhibition not only boosted confidence in the development of the industry, but also maintained the style of an international advertising exhibition. . The exhibits of this exhibition cover printing, engraving, sign light box display equipment, indoor and outdoor printing consumables, cutting equipment and related accessories products, etc. DPES Advertising Exhibition is one of the earliest large-scale advertising exhibitions established in China. It has many years of mature exhibition experience. It is the premier advertising exhibition in the Pearl River Delta region. With years of hard work, it has a decisive influence in the domestic and foreign industries. force.

   Teco Digital will uphold the quality of the past, consolidate conservatively disadvantaged projects, and increase investment in emerging areas. This booth showcased emerging printing technologies such as double-sided direct-injection digital printing and full-frame AI visual positioning printing, providing one-stop printing The introduction of the printing scheme has been favored by many professional buyers, thereby enhancing the overall influence of the exhibition in the industry. Always abiding by the tenet of "focus, professionalism, and concentration", through pre-screening and careful organization, we will create a group of effective and well-known large buyers special procurement matchmaking meeting to help buyers gather more business opportunities. Build a more professional, international, high-standard, and high-quality global business platform to lead advertisers to become better and more outstanding!